Old Venice’s Seafood Linguini is a Manhattan Beach Must-try

By: Ashlee Polarek

Next time you feel like escaping to the islands of Greece or the historic sights of Italy, look no further than Old Venice in Manhattan Beach. This unique family owned restaurant has been around for over three decades. 


Kings Weekly: Chris and Darryl Sutter

We visited Chris Sutter at his work, Old Venice in Manhattan Beach.

Old Venice


Under the guidance of executive chef Andrew Hantzarides, Old Venice offers a full menu of Greek and Italian traditional and classic favorites. Old Venice prides itself on fresh-made, homestyle cooking, creating menu items with the taste and feel of an authentic Greek or Italian kitchen from family recipes that have been passed down through generations...

Best of the Beach 2016, Best Dessert Restaurant: Old Venice

written by richard foss


Old Venice is unique in the South Bay for its extensive menu of Italian and Greek food. The variety extends to their dessert menu. On the Greek side they have baklava, which you have probably had elsewhere, and melomakarona, which you probably haven’t. It’s a walnut and honey cookie that is one of the lightest, crispest things you’ll ever taste...


Culinary SOS: Old Venice's Greek lemon chicken

written By Noelle Carter


Old Venice in Manhattan Beach makes excellent Greek and Italian food, but its lemon chicken, from the Greek side of the menu, is especially wonderful... 

Andrew Hantzarides, Chef owner

Old Venice, a family-owned and operated restaurant featuring Greek and Italian food, has been in business in Manhattan Beach for more than 25 years. Owner/chef Andrew Hantzarides, who oversees a culinary team of eight, has been a resident of Redondo Beach his entire life. Andrew’s parents, Jimmy and Julie Hantzarides, first opened the doors of Old Venice for business in 1984, the year Chef Andrew was born...

Best of the Beach 2016, Best Server: Chris Sutter, Old Venice

To say that Chris Sutter enjoys working at Old Venice would be a massive understatement. “He was handing out menus before we even hired him,” said owner Julie Hantzarides. “He’s got this infectious personality. He’s so positive and it feels good to be around him.” Sutter’s worked at Old Venice for little more than a year and a half, but the joy’s still there. Upon learning he was voted as the Best of the Beach, he smiled, then kept a stiff upper lip — until he walked around a corner, and silently pumped his fists in celebration...

Natalie at Old Venice: Best Server 

I almost choked on my iced tea when I asked Natalie at Old Venice Restaurant in Manhattan Beach how long she had worked there and she said 15 years. She looks about 20. In fact, the petite blond and quintessential beach girl is 30 and started working at Old Venice when she was 14. It’s her family’s restaurant. On July 18, 1984, Jimmy and Julie Hantzarides opened Old Venice with recipes from Jimmy’s Greek upbringing and with the help of their children Andrew and Natalie...

Time out, downtown

written by esther kang

Julie Hantzarides, owner of the Greek-Italian restaurant Old Venice on Manhattan Avenue, has benefited from a sympathetic landlord. In November 2006, her restaurant and four neighboring businesses burned down as the result of an electrical short.

The restaurant had been serving the downtown for nearly three decades. After the fire, the community raised money for the five businesses, which “trickled down to every employee,” she said recalls...

Old Venice

Old Venice is a family-owned and operated restaurant offering traditional, authentic Greek and Italian cuisine. Started in 1984 by Jimmy and Julie Hantzarides, the business flourished until 2006 when it was destroyed by fire. The Hantzarides’ children rebuilt the restaurant, re-opening in 2009. Both Andrew and Natalie literally grew up in the family business, and even though both received some formal business education, their true education was the “school of life” and the “university of Old Venice...”

Family overcomes tragedies, re-opens Old Venice restaurant

Written By Andrea Woodhouse

Wearing full chef's garb, Andrew Hantzarides held in his hands Monday a worn wooden pepper mill inscribed with two dates: 11-26-06 and 8-10-09. 

Salvaged by his father from the burned rubble that remained of Old Venice restaurant nearly three years ago, and held since for safekeeping by a friend, the cook's staple is a poignant, ghostly reminder of how far the Hantzarides family has come...